VIMS Controls & Monitoring in Greenville, NC

The Process

The primary objective of a vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) is the efficient elimination of pollutants, leading to its eventual retirement from use. Achieving this requires comprehensive records that demonstrate the decrease in contamination levels, along with consistent monitoring.

Once your system is precisely calibrated and equipped with necessary gauges and alert systems, the implementation of a tailored Operations & Monitoring (O&M) strategy can commence. Clean Vapor’s O&M strategies encompass a regimen of inspections and maintenance, aligned with your local state guidelines, and include quarterly updates that monitor the reduction of soil-based contaminants.

Multi-Family Radon Mitigation

A key appeal of living in multi-family residential complexes is the convenience of minimal maintenance. However, the issue of radon, a health hazard, is not confined to single-family homes. It has been detected in apartments at both ground level and in higher floors of low-rise buildings. Landlords, property management firms, and homeowner associations often face situations where residents might be exposed to high levels of radon without their knowledge. Since the 1980s, Clean Vapor has specialized in implementing radon mitigation solutions in both multi-family and commercial properties. Committee member and Clean Vapor CEO Tom Hatton has contributed to developing state and national guidelines, including the AARST/ANSI Mitigation Standards for multi-family dwellings.

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