Municipalities - Universities - Schools - Hospitals

Former manufacturing properties, contaminated from previous use, are now being redeveloped for senior living, multi-family housing, and even schools due to the low cost of land acquisition. Vapor intrusion, including radon, poses a real risk to the occupants in these buildings. Clean Vapor has helped craft national codes and standards for vapor intrusion mitigation systems. Our thirty-years of innovation have resulted in energy-efficient systems that provide remote monitoring and management, limited owner liability, and earned us an Advancement of Science and Technology Award.

Project Portfolio

Multi-Family & Senior Living Facilities

Clean Vapor has designed and installed radon and vapor intrusion mitigation systems for numerous Multi-Family homes and Senior Living facilities across the United States.
Clean Vapor personnel are active contributors to AVIP and ANSI/AARST mitigation standards.

Schools & Universities

Clean Vapor has designed passive and active radon and vapor intrusion mitigation systems for dozens of schools and universities.
Clean Vapor personnel have also contributed to AVIP and ANSI/AARST large building and school mitigation standards.

Medical & Extended Care Facilities

Clean Vapor has mitigated Medical & Extended Care facilities by designing and installing vapor intrusion systems, including the site of a former Tool & Dye facility with extensive chlorinated solvent impacts.