New Construction & Commercial Redevelopment

New construction and commercial redevelopment drive community renewal, and forward-thinking developers consider vapor intrusion mitigation as part of the construction/redevelopment process. With over 450,000 Brownfields in the United States, finding clean land to build on or redevelop is growing more complicated. Clean Vapor specializes in the design and installation of energy-efficient vapor mitigation systems for new and existing buildings.

AARST has recognized us for innovation in our mitigation systems. Many of our processes are foundational to existing regulatory guidance documents, national codes, and industry best practices. The US Navy’s NAVFAC: Vapor Intrusion Mitigation in Construction of New Buildings Fact Sheet also highlights our methodologies. Clean Vapor designs every system as a “complete building solution” that provides for remote monitoring and management capabilities to ensure the long-term health of the building and its occupants.

Project Portfolio

Printworks Mill - North Carolina

Printworks Mill was a renowned textile mill built in 1913. Dry cleaning and waste storage conducted at the facility resulted in subsurface soil and groundwater impacts.
This $54 million redevelopment project was initiated with NCDEQ Brownfields in 2019. Extensive tunnels, over 25 individual slabs, a large crawl space, and groundwater surfacing below the building added to the complexity of this project. Clean Vapor designed and installed a 12-system VIMS with minimal disturbance to existing tenants. Printworks Mill, completed in 2021, now includes 217 mixed-income residential apartments, interior parking, and climate-controlled self-storage.

Former Sears Complex - Atlanta, Georgia

This sixteen-acre complex is one of the largest redevelopment projects in the history of the Southeast. The property is impacted by contaminants from a former filling station and automotive center.
Multiple slabs with various sub-slab fill types and lithology were encountered during pressure field extension testing. The system incorporates multiple vertical suction points, over 2,000 feet of horizontal trenching, 6 roof mounted response-driven radial blower systems, and includes carbon treatment of the most impacted areas.

Asheville Townhomes

In 2020, Clean Vapor installed nine active methane venting systems at a multi-family complex near Asheville, North Carolina. This new construction site included a clubhouse and nine multi-family buildings having approximately 248 units situated adjacent to a closed landfill.
The systems installed at this site are remotely monitored by dynamically controlled Vapor Guardian™ sensors designed by Clean Vapor. The Vapor Guardian™ systems monitor pressure differentials in real-time and log data continuously, 24/7, for optimal operation and regulatory compliance. All post-mitigation methane concentrations remain below state regulatory thresholds.

Town Hall / Public Library - Case Study

In partnership with Land Science, Clean Vapor installed the vapor intrusion mitigation system in a new construction municipal building that included a town hall and a public library, which is located on the site of a former gas station in a suburb of the Charlotte area. The contaminant of concern is Petroleum Hydrocarbons.
This case study provides the background and details on the project and how Clean Vapor worked in conjunction with Land Science to develop the best solution for this site, combining a passive VIMS and a vapor barrier that will protect the building occupants.