Commercial Radon Testing & Mitigation

What is Radon?

Indoor radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, responsible for an estimated 21,000 deaths annually, second only to cigarette smoking. A radon mitigation system is designed to prevent radon from entering a home or building. Testing and mitigating elevated radon levels in commercial developments or multi-family residential units is one of the most cost-effective ways to lower the risk of lung cancer and improve the overall quality of the air in the building.

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Clean Vapor offers over 35 years of experience in radon mitigation solutions

Commercial Radon Mitigation

Commercial radon mitigation systems are designed to draw radon, moisture, and other soil-borne pollutants from beneath the slab that would normally enter the building and vents it above the roofline. The installation of a commercial mitigation system requires a well-trained, highly-experienced team who understands the connection between building pressures, soil conditions, and construction variables that impact the success of the mitigation process. Clean Vapor’s healthy building, healthy people four-phase solution includes: diagnose, design, build, and monitor. The system is minimally intrusive and code compliant.

Multi-Family Radon Mitigation

Part of the attraction of multi-family residential living is the idea of no more maintenance, but unhealthy radon levels can still creep in and have been found in both ground-level units and those on the upper floors of low-rise buildings. Property owners, management companies, and community associations may have tenants who are unknowingly exposed to concentrated radon levels. Clean Vapor has been installing radon mitigation systems in multi-family and commercial buildings since the 1980s. CEO Tom Hatton, serving as a committee member, helped author state and national standards, which includes the AARST/ANSI Mitigation Standards for multi-family buildings.

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