Methane Mitigation Systems

Design Services

At Clean Vapor, we take pride in our bespoke design services for Methane Mitigation Systems (MMS) tailored specifically to reduce the risk of methane combustion and exposure on your properties.  Clean Vapor is experienced in designing to regulations in states with a high density of methane concentration in the soil, such as California, Oregon, Washington, and Florida. 

Our design philosophy centers on understanding the unique challenges posed by high methane levels, including in areas undergoing the redevelopment of landfills.  We focus on sustainability and efficiency, ensuring that our designs are both environmentally friendly and effective in safeguarding buildings and their occupants from methane intrusion.

  • Methane Mitigation System Design (MMS)
  • Sub-Slab Depressurization System Design (SSDS)

Installation Services

Our installation services extend beyond the mere setup of systems. At Clean Vapor, we are dedicated to implementing meticulously designed Methane Mitigation Systems with precision and care. Our installation team is highly skilled in navigating the complexities of different sites, including those on existing industrial buildings and reclaimed landfills, ensuring that each system operates at its peak performance. We emphasize a seamless integration of our systems into your property, minimizing disruption and maximizing protection against methane. With Clean Vapor, you can trust that your installation will be executed with the highest standards of quality and safety, providing you with peace of mind on sites predisposed to methane challenges.

Methane Monitoring

Clean Vapor enhances its Methane Mitigation Systems with our Vapor Guardian Telemetry and Dynamic Control products, offering state-of-the-art methane monitoring solutions. This advanced technology is designed to continuously monitor and control the concertation of methane to safe levels below the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) of methane beneath the slab and in the risers, ensuring optimal safety and compliance. Through real-time data collection and analysis, Clean Vapor’s system provides immediate alerts and automatic adjustments to mitigate risks, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and safety in methane-prone areas.

Methane Mitigation & Abatement Resources -Regulations & Guidance

These resources offer targeted information for professionals seeking to understand and implement methane mitigation measures in their projects, especially within regions prone to methane seepage and in compliance with local and federal regulations.

  • City of Los Angeles Methane Seepage Regulations: Detailed regulations for controlling methane intrusion from geological formations in Los Angeles are provided in Chapter 71 of the Building Code on the ICC Digital Codes platform. You can access the regulations at ICC Digital Codes.
  • Methane Mitigation Standards by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS): LADBS offers a variety of resources on methane mitigation, including codes, standard plans, and correction sheets. Explore more on the LADBS website.
  • LA County Methane Gas Hazard Mitigation Standards: These standards include requirements for passive and active gas control systems to prevent methane diffusion into structures. They are developed by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Environmental Programs Division. Learn more here.

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