VIMS Controls & Monitoring

The Process

The ultimate goal of any vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) is to successfully remove contaminants and its eventual decommissioning. For this to happen, documentation showing contamination reduction and proper monitoring must be provided.

After your system has been appropriately balanced and completed with gauges and alarm panels, your custom Operations & Monitoring plan can begin. Clean Vapor’s O&M plans include an inspection and maintenance schedule that complies with your state’s regulations and quarterly reports that track the depletion of soil contaminants.

What We Provide - Controls & Monitoring

Clean Vapor’s patented, self-adjusting monitoring systems, designed in partnership with Vapor Dynamics, responds to changing environmental conditions, like temperature or building pressure variations. Static and dynamic, responsive driven control systems with real-time telemetric monitoring can help you maximize energy efficiency and create significant cost savings.

Remote management and monitoring, once viewed as a convenience, has recently become an operational necessity that is essential in mitigating long-term liability and ensuring peace of mind.

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