Our Team

Clean Vapor prides itself on honesty, integrity, and quality of character, all born out of our family-owned business roots. Our professionals exemplify these values, along with a broad range of experience and inquisitiveness that makes our team second to none.

Executive Team

Tom Hatton

Thomas Hatton

Tom, a highly sought-after speaker, consultant, and vapor mitigation system designer, pours over 30-years of knowledge and expertise into every project. You get the benefit of his unparalleled knowledge and insight into how environmental and building dynamics lead to vapor intrusion. As a co-author and contributor to many state and national mitigation standards and guidance documents, Tom leads LSRPs, PEs, and building owners through the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.


Kristin Hatton

Kristin Hatton

Kristin is the central connecting point of your Clean Vapor experience. Her 30 years of industry experience has grown a deep passion for creating healthy indoor air environments. You will appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge, her devotion to detail, and her openness. From accounting to the Master Service Agreement, Kristin ensures that every aspect of your project is appropriately documented.


Ryan Hatton

Ryan’s experience managing aerospace programs while at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) provides him with a unique perspective on Clean Vapor’s growth opportunity and strategy. Ryan’s forward-thinking and insightful project management background helps him navigate the nuances of large-scale projects and the necessity of strategic partnerships. Ryan holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.


Bridgett Davis

Bridgett Davis

Bridgett’s experience in the finance departments of global companies brings a new level of sophistication and intentionality to all of Clean Vapor’s accounting and finance functions. Her ability to develop detailed finance planning will aid in the overall development of proposal timelines and forecasts to keep client projects moving forward.


Management Team

Doug Brookes

Doug is a 20+ year architect whose attention to detail and desire to leave no assumption intact results in you having a robust mitigation system design that includes environmental and weather-driven variables. Doug’s experience in private and public LEED projects helps him address the concerns of your architect or engineer and keep your system at the forefront of applied mitigation technology and regulatory compliance.


Daniel Leandri

Dan, Professional Engineer (PE) and a Board-Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE), is our Director of Engineering. Dan’s extensive experience in the vapor intrusion industry adds tremendous value to your project. His years of knowledge, oversight and development of best practices coupled with Clean Vapor’s methodologies and a growing team of engineers dedicated to effective design and analysis creates unique solutions for each unique building.


Patrick Lowery

Patrick Lowery

Patrick, a Professional Geologist and Brownfield Specialist, has over 20 years of experience conducting geological studies, environmental investigations for wetlands, environmental site assessments for soil and groundwater contamination, and remediation of soil and groundwater contaminants. His level and knowledge of expertise enhances any client project he is working on.


Paul Kearney

Paul’s broad understanding of systems and analytical field instrumentation brings immeasurable value to your project. He serves as the primary client contact for large scale, complex projects that need and additional level of expertise and knowledge. Paul brings a reassuring presence to every project due to his ability to quickly analyze and respond to any situation.


Science & Technology Team

John Horton

John Horton

John, a Mechanical and Civil Engineer, still gets a sparkle in his eye when discussing pipe sizing, drag and flow, and other critical elements of system design. He is Six Sigma trained, holds an MBA, and is an ISO 9001 auditor. You will not find a more enthusiastic, safety-focused, knowledgeable engineer dedicated to designing and overseeing the installation of your ISO compliant mitigation system.


Matt Koch

Matt Koch

Matt Koch is a seasoned radon measurement and mitigation professional with 15+ years of experience. He has successfully mitigated radon in numerous residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings in the Southeast. Matt actively contributes to industry standards, speaking at conferences and participating in committees developing soil gas system standards. He is an invaluable asset to Clean Vapor, renowned for his expertise and commitment to quality standards.

Ivan Oon

Ivan Oon

Ivan brings creativity and thorough technical knowledge to our vapor intrusion mitigation projects. His diversity of experiences from education in mechanical/biomedical engineering degree and previous professional experiences bolster Clean Vapor’s technical capabilities. Ivan is an effective teammate with keen attention to detail–dedicated to high-quality output.



Jessica Hatton

Jessica has literally grown-up in the vapor intrusion industry. As a digital content producer, she is focused on making the complexities of vapor intrusion simple and accessible for everyone. You will appreciate her commitment to developing a greater awareness about the hidden dangers of vapor intrusion.


Installation Leads

Jason Blanchard

Jason Blanchard

Jason is Clean Vapor’s Southeast Construction Manager. Jason brings 25+ years of experience in construction, as well as experience in energy efficient building inspections. Jason is an NRPP certified Measurement Professional.

Marcos Aguilera

Marcos brings 8+ years of experience installing Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems at large commercial facilities and warehouses. Marcos will lead a Clean Vapor crew and work with your facilities site lead to ensure your installation accommodates your site-specific needs.
John Barden

John Barden

John brings 25+ years of residential and commercial construction experience. John leads Clean Vapor’s New Construction and Vapor Barrier crews.
Marcelo Silva

Marcello Silva

Marcello provides your installation with 20+ years of construction experience. Marcello is a master craftsman and ensures your existing building installation is installed with attention to detail and matches the interior aesthetics of your building.

Let’s Work Together

We’re always looking for new opportunities and are comfortable working internationally. Please get in touch and one of our project managers will contact you about beginning the proposal process.