Clean Vapor Becomes a Land Science Certified Applicator

Clean Vapor announces it has expanded its service offerings to include spray-applied vapor barriers to prevent vapor intrusion in new construction buildings. As part of this new service, Clean Vapor has become a certified spray-applied barrier applicator for the Land Science family of products. As a company focused on mitigating vapor intrusion, adding spray-applied vapor barriers continues to increase the number of solutions Clean Vapor offers to solve each client’s unique needs. 

“We are excited to announce the addition of Clean Vapor to the Land Science-certified applicator network,” says Rick Gillespie, Senior VP, Land Science, a division of Regenesis. “Clean Vapor’s long track record of vapor intrusion mitigation expertise aligns perfectly with Land Science’s industry-leading advanced composite barriers. Being a certified applicator for Land Science requires a commitment to quality installation and we are confident Clean Vapor brings that level of commitment to every project from start to finish.”

“The recent growth of our team has allowed us to bring the spray-applied vapor barrier service in-house,” says Clean Vapor CEO, Tom Hatton. “This was a missing piece to the puzzle. The vision for Clean Vapor has always been to be a single-source solutions provider. The addition of this service gets us one step closer to that goal. The fact that we were able to work with Land Science to become a certified spray-applied applicator is a bonus. There is a long history of mutual respect between our two companies, and now we get to work even more closely with their highly innovative team.”

Clean Vapor has invested significantly in this new service offering, including purchasing new spray-application machinery and vehicles, cross-training several team members in product installation, and hiring new team members solely dedicated to this new service for Clean Vapor’s clients. “Clean Vapor is committed to technology development and providing our clients with the best suite of services to stay in front of the ever-evolving regulatory requirements,” says Hatton.

Clean Vapor, The Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Company, was launched in 2007 by industry expert Tom Hatton as a single-source solution for providing building-specific diagnostics, designs, installation, and monitoring services. Vapor intrusion mitigation systems improve indoor air quality by preventing harmful soil gas vapors from entering the indoor environment. Clean Vapor has mitigated over 30 million square feet of industrial, residential, and retail space. Over the years, company leaders have contributed to a variety of state and federal vapor intrusion guidance documents. Clean Vapor continues to provide vapor intrusion mitigation services for new construction and existing buildings. The company works with the nation’s largest engineering and environmental firms and several aerospace and DOD contractors. Clean Vapor’s headquarters are in Blairstown, NJ, with offices in Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Chattanooga, TN; and Southern California.

About REGENESIS and LAND SCIENCE: Founded in 1994, REGENESIS is an expert provider of in situ soil, groundwater and vapor intrusion remediation products and services. Land Science, a division of REGENESIS, offers a full line of vapor intrusion mitigation technologies and is the safe and effective choice for leading engineering, construction and environmental consulting firms serving a broad range of clients, including developers, insurance companies, manufacturers, municipalities, regulatory agencies and federal, state and local governments.