Clean Vapor Welcomes Bridgett Davis, as Company’s First Corporate Controller

Clean Vapor welcomes Bridgett Davis as its Corporate Controller. Bridgett will oversee all of Clean Vapor’s accounting and finance functions. She will lead the company’s financial department from the Charlotte office but will work with Clean Vapor offices across the United States. Bridgett will also be leading directors through the establishment and implementation of a new annual departmental budgeting process, as well as assisting the executive team with forecasting and future financial planning.

“After spending years in corporate finance, Clean Vapor represents a new opportunity,” says Davis. “An opportunity to build a solid financial structure to support the next level of growth for an organization focused on creating healthier indoor environments for those living and working in previously impacted buildings, and that is a corporate mission I am proud to support.”

Before joining Clean Vapor, Bridgett served as Global Financial Planning & Analysis Manager at Ingersoll-Rand and held various accounting and finance leadership roles with Honda Manufacturing. During her time at both Ingersoll-Rand and Honda, Bridgett led the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning system that included more than a dozen locations in North America. She has more than 15 years of experience in corporate finance and is currently pursuing a master’s in business analytics.

Bridgett also has a passion for supporting the advancement of women in the corporate community, especially in the areas of finance, and helping them to building a strong body of work through continuous personal and professional development. Her other passions include painting, crafting, and spending time with her family. 

“Bridgett’s addition to the Clean Vapor team marks a significant step forward in our overall corporate development,” says CEO, Tom Hatton. “Clean Vapor has long had the reputation of being America’s leading vapor intrusion mitigation company, as we continue to expand our capabilities, it is important we create a business structure that will both anticipate future growth and position us to better serve our clients and ultimately the end user of our services, who are the people living and working in the buildings where our systems are installed and protecting their health on a daily basis.“

Clean Vapor, The Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Company, was launched in 2007 by industry expert Tom Hatton as a single-source solution for providing building-specific diagnostics, designs, installation, and monitoring services. Vapor intrusion mitigation systems improve indoor air quality by preventing harmful soil gas vapors from entering the indoor environment. Clean Vapor has mitigated over 30 million square feet of industrial, residential, and retail space.  Over the years, company leaders have contributed to a variety of state and federal vapor intrusion guidance documents. Today, Clean Vapor continues to provide vapor intrusion mitigation services for new construction and existing buildings. The company works with the nation’s largest engineering and environmental firms, as well as several aerospace and DOD contractors. Clean Vapor is headquartered in Blairstown, NJ with offices in Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Chattanooga, TN; and Southern California.