Clean Vapor’s New Science and Technology Division Continues to Build on Its History of Advancement and Innovation

Engineers review floor plan during diagnostics

Blairstown, NJ – Clean Vapor, The Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Company™, is officially launching a new Science and Technology Division focused on the development of state-of-the-art soil gas remediation solutions and the continued innovation of Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems (VIMS).

The first effort of this new division is the creation of a more robust engineering team led by Senior PE and BCEE Dan Leandri. Leandri is well known throughout the environmental science community and brings over thirty-five years of groundwater bioremediation, soil vapor extraction, and vapor intrusion mitigation experience to Clean Vapor, as well as a strong suite of business skills.

“Our engineering department will benefit our clients by building on Clean Vapor’s nationally-known technology advancements and the tremendous body of knowledge we have acquired over more than thirty years of experience by implementing the most advanced industry design standards to ensure consistent, professional, state-of-the-art solutions to mitigate legacy soil vapor concerns,” says Director of Engineering, Dan Leandri.

“Clean Vapor has always been focused on leading the future of innovation and implementation when it comes to advancing vapor mitigation and remote management technologies,” says Clean Vapor CEO Tom Hatton. “So, for us to stay on the cutting of new technologies, serve our clients, and meet both the demands and opportunities of the marketplace, we have been working diligently to select the right people to create a multi-disciplined engineering team that will enable us to meet our goals while continuing to improve the quality of services we provide.”  

In addition to Leandri, the new engineering team will consist of Technical Engineer Andrew Kurian, Environmental Scientist Elvis Alicea, Design Engineer Ivan Oon, Civil and Mechanical Engineer John Horton, and Aerospace and Defense Program Director Ryan Hatton.

·     Andrew Kurian, a Mechanical Engineer, is committed to further developing Clean Vapor’s understanding of VIMS and the ability of a system to protect human health.

·     Elvis Alicea received a dual B.S. degree in environmental science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology & Rutgers University Newark. He joined Clean Vapor “because this company is committed to its employees – it’s not a typical workplace, it’s a family.” 

·     Ivan Oon is a recent graduate of Messiah University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering. He is interested in vapor intrusion because it is an invisible issue that isn’t very well-known and has great potential for continued development. Ivan joined Clean Vapor “because they put great emphasis on spending time to pour knowledge into the fresh graduates and personal growth.” 

Clean Vapor Engineers Andrew Kurian, Ivan Oon, Dan Leandri and Elvis Alicea (l to r) discuss the placement of risers and best design practices

·     John Horton, a Mechanical Engineer, still gets a sparkle in his eye when discussing pipe sizing, drag and flow, and other critical system design and fluid dynamics elements. He is Six Sigma trained, holds an MBA, and is an ISO 9001 auditor. John’s enthusiastic, safety-focused knowledge of engineering goes into overseeing the installation of every ISO-compliant Clean Vapor mitigation system.

·     Ryan Hatton, an Executive MBA candidate at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech.  Ryan will add value to Clean Vapor’s clients through insightful program management, technology, strategy, and growth advancement.

Each member of this collaborative team provides Clean Vapor with a new perspective on solving vapor intrusion (VI) issues while remaining committed to delivering the same quality system and results for which Clean Vapor is known. “There is a high level of respect, humility, and interpersonal trust within the team that will be felt at every level of the client experience,” says Hatton. 

Clean Vapor, The Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Company™, is the nation’s leading vapor intrusion company, solely focused on mitigation. Founded in 1987 as Alpha Concepts, Clean Vapor has grown into a strong team of professionals designing, building, and monitoring innovative vapor intrusion mitigation systems to protect human health by creating healthier living and work environments. CEO Tom Hatton has more than 35-years of experience in the vapor intrusion industry and is a pioneer in the development and science of vapor intrusion technology. Clean Vapor has previously received the Advancing Science and Technology award to better understand soil gases and their impact on human health. “We are thankful that we have such dedicated employees to be leading Clean Vapor in this industry. Without a team that is driven to produce high-quality products and services for our clients, we would not be able to fulfill the Clean Vapor mission of creating better air for better health.”

Clean Vapor Engineers Ryan Hatton and John Horton review reports and project documentation before client submission