Congratulations to Employee of the Year, Doug Brookes, and Most Improved Employee, Danny Quiros

Congratulations to Doug Brookes, Construction Director, for achieving Employee of the Year and Danny Quiros, OM&M Manager, for becoming the most improved Employee of the Year! We thank these team members for everything they do for Clean Vapor and for embodying the mission, dedication, and perseverance, among many other beneficial attributes. We are lucky to have these individuals working with us!

As Construction Manager, Doug oversees all the construction projects, estimating and designs for both new and existing buildings. He works with his team to ensure the Clean Vapor process is achieved. Doug says, “The thing I enjoy the most about working for Clean Vapor is knowing that every project we do, does have a major impact on people’s lives.” He uses his skills in design to for the clients needs to carry out this mission in his everyday work. John Ballinger III, COO, who was part of the selection process for these awards, notes that we are lucky to have a “Construction manager who educates our members in the field who are installing our system” so that we can complete the Clean Vapor mission harmoniously. When Doug isn’t at work, he likes to travel the country with his family and visit national parks. Doug is an excellent addition to the team, with people at the center of his thoughts.

Danny Quiros leads the OM&M division by going through daily procedures to ensure monitoring and inspection routines, to keep up with well-running systems. He does this by monitoring the sites online, doing daily inspections, yearly reports and many more necessary maintenance items. Danny works with the Science and Technology team here to help with guides for building, as he has the knowledge and great experience at fieldwork. John adds, “we put him in that position and he grew where he was from a laborer to grow as a Vapor Dynamics manager”.

He has shown a lot of improvement while jumping into a position that was available and took his skills and grew them into a broader basis. Danny enjoys working with his co-workers in the positive work atmosphere. He appreciates that “we care how people feel about doing their job” and what drives them to wake up and have a successful week. After a day of working with his team, you can find Danny playing soccer or enjoying mountain biking.

Here at Clean Vapor, we encourage the growth of every single one of our employees. We could only do what we do here daily with these individuals in the roles that they operate. When next year comes along, we will be selecting the employee of the year and most improved employee by looking at who advances the company and has brought to the table to go above and beyond.

With our employees, Clean Vapor can have a complete system process that includes diagnosing, designing, building and monitoring our system to give the client a stress-free start to finish. Our employees are here to carry on the mission to provide others with a healthier environment and improved quality of life.