Effective Design and Implementation of Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems for New Construction Webinar

Clean Vapor CEO Tom Hatton and Land Science’s National Sales Manager Jordan Knight recently teamed up on a Land Science-sponsored webinar to talk about Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems (VIMS) and Vapor Barrier technology. The Effective Design and Implementation of Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems for New Construction webinar, originally presented on March 30, 2023, was part of Land Science’s Distinguished Speaker series. 

Tom described the importance of an effective VIMS, which starts with understanding the site, designing a site-specific system, quality installation, and long-term monitoring. Tom also highlighted the many compliance and regulatory issues that need to be addressed for any new construction project and the importance of having an installation partner with a high level of expertise and understanding of VIMS. 

Addressing vapor intrusion issues at the start of a project reduces costs, limits long-term liability, and creates a healthier indoor air environment for occupants of buildings constructed over vapor-impacted sites. 

Tom and Jordan have previously addressed the regulatory landscape in a Subjective Standards and the Long-Term Liability of Vapor Intrusion webinar.

Clean Vapor is your single-source solution for vapor intrusion mitigation. We can provide all the services you need, from site diagnosis and system design to vapor barrier and system installation, including real-time telemetric monitoring. We offer complete project management and architectural engineering that minimizes risers and penetrations.

As a single point of contact for your VIMS, working with Clean Vapor gives you confidence that schedules will be managed, our comprehensive environmental pollutant insurance protects you, and our compliance documentation verifies the system has been installed correctly….the first time.

Clean Vapor has mitigated over 30 million square feet of industrial, residential, and retail space, and company leaders have contributed to various state and federal vapor intrusion guidance documents. Clean Vapor works with a variety of companies, ensuring quality design, installation, and monitoring of vapor intrusion mitigation systems for both new construction and existing buildings.